Casual Dating in Manchester

Manchester boasts a city population of 500,000 people. The greater urban area of Manchester is populated by around 2.5 million people. Surrounding areas like Bolton and Oldham are effectively the outskirts of Manchester. Recently, Manchester has been able to get rid of its reputation of being an old gritty Northern city and it is now considered one of the more trendy cities to visit in the UK. This is partly due to the success of the renovations and new designs that updated Manchester’s architecture.

It features two massive premier league clubs in Manchester United and Manchester City who both boast grand stadiums. The rivalry between the two teams is fierce and has become even more so in the last few years due to the emergence of City as title winners.

Manchester’s main university is Manchester Metropolitan university which is placed directly in the city. it’s a great place for new students wanting to explore Manchester as it is in close proximity to most of what the city has to offer. If you’re a student looking for love in Manchester, you will not be disappointed.

Online dating in Manchester is the same in any major city. Around 40% of Manchester is single and around 10% are using online methods to find love. With that amount of people in the same boat as you, it’s likely that will find that special someone eventually.